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Smoky Amaranth Corn Chowder

  What do you do when the city you love is rocked by its second 100 year storm in a handful of years?  If you're lucky like R and I were, you're thankful to be a bit of a square who lives uptown, and you end up staying inside and watching the hurricane on tv like the rest of the country.  You start riding your bike to work more and discover that you love it.  And you adopt a friend-cum-orphan for a week, who's building's entire electrical system was fried due to waist-deep water on the ground floor.    At least, that's what we did because, as I said, we were some of the lucky ones.  I was even rewarded for my continued consumption of water and electricity by a week of slumber parties with one of my best friends from college.  Now it's possible that, with her building being uninhabitable for the foreseeable future, my friend wasn't as much in the party mood as I was, although my definition of slumber partying pretty much consists of cooking, eating,

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