I may as well begin by stating my goal, by making it official.  As an incurable bibliophile, I have a tendency to amass books at an alarming rate.  While I used to limit myself to those on art (I'm doing a PhD in Art History), my obsession has grown to include cookbooks and books on culinary history.  My goal is to make five recipes out of each book in my collection and to document the process and results here.  I hope to see my own culinary skills grow, and to offer a fairly well-informed review of each book.  So that will be the structure, but I haven't completely worked out the details.  I will try to make all five recipes in relatively quick succession in order to give some sense of the book as a unit.  The exception would be any book dealing mostly with desserts, because I just can't make 5 death-by-chocolate creations in a row.  However, I don't plan to limit myself to a one book at a time format, either.  

So there it is, my reason for creating this blog!  It's hard not to over think the first post, so I better just be done with it.   And we're off!

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