A Simple Idea

Just a quick post, mostly to remind myself for later.  Yesterday when I was at the farmer's market (what else is new, it's going to be hard when summer's over next week and I actually have to do something productive with my time!) one of the vendors was giving samples of a small, mild pepper which she had simply sautéed in olive oil and salt.  It had never occurred to me to use peppers as a dish in their own right, but these were delicious.  I think they'd be even better in a little sesame oil.  I can't remember the exact name of this particular variety, but as you can see, they're smallish and narrow, and look much like a serrano pepper, although they pack none of that tear-jerking heat.  So here's my note to self: look for a similar, mild pepper, and don't be afraid to enjoy them all by themselves.


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