It's True, I am a Chocoholic

I just got my very first blog award, and it's from Teresa at Mexican Chocolate Lore and More.  I had always assumed that Mexican Chocolate was the general equivalent of Mexican Hot Chocolate, which for me meant chocolate spiked with a little fiery chili powder.  Wrong on both counts.  Mexican chocolate, according to Teresa (and she's the expert, she's written a book on it, after all!), is uniquely flavored with cinnamon, sugar and cacao nibs (sometimes nuts as well, apparently) and although initially a bit gritty, melts down to the same smooth consistency as the American and European chocolate we may be more used to.  Given that chocolate was initially acquired by the Spaniards from the Aztecs, it only makes sense that it be given such pride of place in Mexican cooking.  Want to know more?  You know where to go.

Thanks again Teresa, both for the award and for introducing me to a new ingredient!!


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