So how do you like it?  Hannah, of Craner Design Studio designed it and I couldn't be happier.  I have kind of a strange obsession with the Tassel House in Brussels, although I've never actually been there.  For some reason, this iconic view of the staircase has always been one of my very favorite examples of Art Nouveau.  Have you ever seen something more graceful and, well, indulgent?  I sent Hannah this same image and I think she did a great job of capturing the spirit.

Now if I could just figure out how to get it on a wedding cake... 


merith said…
oh I like it! a lot!
denver native said…
now that I know the art nouveau background, I appreciate it even more - love it!
And the cup from the Macintosh house - art nouveau, too!
mindy said…
I don't know what your blog looked like before, but now it's gorgeous. I love Art Nouveau, love art history, and love Cafe Fernando for leading me to you adn your blog. I am glad I found this. It's quite lovely.
LOVE the new look...and the inspiration! Elegant and fanciful, and i'm in love with a grayscale palate these days.
Esi said…
I love the look. Very elegant and pretty.
hanne said…
It looks fantastic! That staircase is also gorgeous, I can see how it would be a great inspiration.
Looks great! I love the gentle curve of that staircase, and the curling flourishes above...great inspiration for your blog makeover! :)
Sam said…
It looks great, cool background!
Annie said…
The new look is great! And would look brilliant on a cake!
lisaiscooking said…
It's lovely! Congratulations on the new design. Can't wait to see an art nouveau themed wedding cake!
I'm a fan. imo, make the heading a leeetle smaller- it currently takes up my whole screen and i must scroll down to see your first post.

loooove the background, so chic!
Andrea said…
Merith, I knew you'd approve!

Denver Native, I do love my art nouveau!

Mindy, thanks so much! You're very sweet!

Wanderer's Daughter, I love grayscale as well. Also, this way I don't have to worry about coordinating colors, not my strong suit.

Esi, thank you so much!

Hanne and Amy, I know, it's a beautiful building. Someday maybe I'll even see it in person!

Sam, thanks!!

Annie and Lisa, well we'll see about the cake. Not sure it will work out! But I think it's a nice idea.

Dances, I know what you mean. But I actually am not computer savvy enough to mess with anything. I'd probably end up deleting my entire blog!

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