Lentil Chili Burgers

Lentil chili burgers (1 of 1)

So let's say you made Mollie (with an "ie") Katzen's Lentil Chili, like I did the other night. But let's also say that you live in a family of two and didn't bother cutting the recipe down. You might be thinking, what in the world should I do with all of that chili? I've learned to admit to myself that things which end up in the freezer tend to stay in the freezer until out of desperation I throw them away. So freezing's out (although Katzen does say the chili freezes beautifully). Eating lentil chili for every meal for the entire rest of the week is also out because nothing is good three times a day.

What to do, what to do... Here's a hint. Remember when I complained that whenever I deal with lentils they suck up all water with which they come into contact, making it difficult for me to keep them in a soup or stew? Well if you have a similar problem, you can take your greedy little lentils which have soaked up all of their broth, and make them into pre-seasoned, already cooked burger patties. Genius. You can even include the tomato and onion chunks. Here's how you do it.

Lentil Chili Burgers
Original Recipe, or at least, original idea

2 1/2 cups leftover Lentil Chili, which has absorbed all of its liquid
3/4 cups rolled oats
3/4 cups bread crumbs, I used panko, but if you make your own, use them
Fixings for burgers, you know the drill

Give your rolled oats a wizz in the food processor to grind them. Combine the ground rolled oats, the bread crumbs and the lentils. Use your hands to form the lentil mixture into nice round patties.

Heat a pan over medium, then pour in a little olive oil to coat. Place each lentil patty in the pan and cook on each side for 1-2 minutes, depending on how hot it is. Remove and serve, maybe with a bun, tomato and lettuce, or plain with some A1 sauce. (I'm a sucker for A1 sauce.)


Luisa Morón said…
Tienen que estar muy ricas. bss.
Larissa said…
What a brilliant way to "recycle"! They look great. I never thought to do that with chili, but I often end up with HUGE batches, especially when I use my slow-cooker.
Eliana said…
Awesome use of leftovers. They look amazing!
jd said…
Super creative use of leftovers - these look fantastic!
Stephen said…
I thought leftovers are no used anymore so I just throw them away. You made me think how to use recycle and have some great savings.

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