The Beginning of a Year in Paris

I've been in Paris for almost two months now! And I kind of feel like I'm just now getting my bearings. I haven't been cooking all that much, for various reasons.  So in the absence of food, a tour.

Paris roofs 4 (11 of 14)

I've actually really fallen in love with my little view and spend a pretty good amount of time using my desk as a window seat. 

Paris roofs 4 (9 of 14)

Rooftop view (1 of 1)

My apartment is tiny.  15 square meters, which is about 160 square feet.  The bed is a futon that I never bother making into a couch, and the kitchen is just a mini-fridge, two burners and a couple of pans.  As one of my friends is so fond of saying, it's back to basics. 

still lifes (1 of 4)

Paris apartment (1 of 3)

still lifes (4 of 4)

Next time we have a picture post, I'll show you some of the gardens and châteaux I've been to.  Filled with 17th century French art!

Paris apartment 1 (6 of 10)


Sarah said…
Wow, that is a truly small space. Do you find yourself eating out a lot or are you keen to cook even with the "basic" kitchen?

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