Look What I found

Some days I love the streets, well the sidewalks more precisely, of New York.  

And not sidewalks indiscriminately, either.  For example on the sidewalks in my neighborhood, I have to watch vigilantly over my dog while waiting for her to relieve herself so that she doesn't find a chicken bone, choke and die.  However, one of my favorite sidewalks is on the Upper West Side, and it runs in front of Barzini's, a small, specialty foods store with produce capable of changing the most carnivorous, greens-hating mind.  If I had to choose only one reason to love New York, and I wasn't allowed to choose the art museums, then I would pick the profusion of small, specialty and gourmet stores.  Stores where you can get every imaginable ingredient, no matter how exotic.  And because these stores grow out of the communities surrounding them, in New York you can find authentic, ethnic ingredients grouped by neighborhood.  Perhaps this topic warrants a more thorough investigation and future posts.

But for now I thought I'd share what I found at Barzini's, stacked in large crates overflowing the sidewalk.  Look for them in upcoming posts.


denver native said…
Yes, I want to walk the streets of New York vicariously through you! Thanks!
Pace Webb said…
your photos are GREAT! I just got my hands on some figs here, too- arent' they just marvelous! I have to admit I'm a bit stone-fruited out though, if that's possible. So glad you found me! Keep up the great work!

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