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Hi everyone, I hope you enjoyed Lisa's guest post as much as I did.  I personally found her experience with Edna Lewis and the Roast Pheasant and Lentil and Scallion Salad both fascinating and drool-worthy!  I really love the idea of showcasing other bloggers and some of their favorite books here on Cooking Books, and to that end I'd like to announce a new series.  Each month I'm going to be inviting a new blogger to guest post about a cookbook they've always loved or are exploring at the moment or think might be of particular interest to the food community.  So I'm retroactively declaring Lisa the inaugural Off the Shelf guest blogger for October.  Be sure to visit her site for more great culinary explorations, she's always a pleasure to read.  

I'd also like to announce November's Off the Shelf blogger!  Deborah of the wonderful Taste and Tell has agreed to contribute next month.  I'll post a reminder when we get closer to the date of her actual post, but I hope you'll go check her blog out now, it's a great source of some seriously wonderful recipes.  She's also started a project to cook through her own cookbook collection.  I'm really looking forward to see what she comes up with for November! 

I realize this last photo is not of cookbooks, but one of the art history book cases is much closer to a source of natural light, so I thought it was a better picture! ;-)


jenniferhoiyin said…
what a great idea, i love it. :)
jenniferhoiyin said…
i pass on an award to you.
posted it here:
Anonymous said…
Oooh! Magritte is one of my favorite artists! And I like the idea of featuring bloggers and their favorite cookbooks. I'd be happy to participate if you need volunteers. :)

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