This is what writing a seminar paper looks like.  Although there is nothing in this world I love more than being surrounded by books, they can also be 4-color, glossy-paged little instruments of torture. 


Becka Robinson said…
I feel the same way about camera equipment. ;)
Anonymous said…
Andi Girl, You are an ironman x3 Plus
we love you!!!! good luck and keep going. Lovetrugalk
Ali said…
Ack! I do not envy you at this moment. :)
Angela said…
I feel your pain! I'm in the middle of a weeks-long writing project myself and my desk is a disaster. Good luck with it!
Maia said…
I feel SO much better now. I was just looking around my tiny studio and thinking...what is WRONG with me? But in retrospect, I think this is just what the creative process looks like (I'm both a journalist and an illustrator, so double the trouble).
Andrea said…
Miss Marie, luck you! I'd love to have an overabundance of camera equipment!

Thanks Ananymous, evidently you know me, but I don't know who you are!

Ali, no, don't envy me. But it's almost over!

Angela, writing is a struggle sometimes! Good luck with your project as well!

QiuQiu's Parents, yes, that creative process can sure be messy! I'll be happy to get all those books back in their place, for sure!

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