Spiced Cranberry Apple Sauce

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Did you know that cranberry sauce is actually a condiment, and not a side dish? Crazy, huh? I know! Because my sister and I grew up on my mother's Spiced Cranberry Apple Sauce (which she says is vintage Martha), we always assumed that pushing it to the side of our Thanksgiving plate so we could save those tart/spicy/sweet mouthfuls for last was totally normal. I mean, it's like candy served right alongside the turkey and brussels sprouts. My sister even tells the story of eating Thanksgiving dinner with her boyfriend's family and nearly offending his mother when she pushed her cranberry sauce to side to save it for last. Didn't she like it? Didn't she know she was supposed to eat it with the turkey? As in, on the same forkful even?

Since I'm not in the US this year for Thanksgiving, and because cranberries aren't exactly as common here in Paris, I swiped this recipe from my mom last year, saving it and sitting on it so I could nostalgically enjoy it through pictures on my blog. And because I want to make sure it's documented in case I do stumble on cranberries, Thanksgiving or not. I'm just cutting and pasting her recipe, which comes complete with helpful Mom tips, like where in the grocery story to find fresh cranberries. Gotta love Mom tips! I especially love the way the recipe ends. With a suggestion you can use for every aspect of life, not just cooking.

Spiced Cranberry and Apple Sauce
From My Mom, like all good Thanksgiving recipes

You can make this sauce up to 3 days ahead, and in fact, it's almost a good idea so that the flavors have a chance to meld.

1-1/2 Cup Chopped, peeled green granny smith apples (about 3)

1 Cup Packed Brown Sugar

1-2 Cup White Grape Juice

1 tsp. ground ginger

1 tsp ground cinnamon

1 (12 oz.) Package fresh cranberries - usually found in produce (veg/fruit) aisle

Combine all in medium saucepan
Boil, reduce heat
Simmer 15 minutes
Stir occasionally
Refrigerate - cool completely

Problems? Call Mom.


its looking n just 1 say: yummy....greeting.
~~louise~~ said…
Love the addition of White Grape Juice, GREAT idea. However, the notion that you wanted to have cranberry sauce by your side while away is, priceless!

Thanks for sharing, Andrea...

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